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Dental Lab Support Inc., a professional marketing and business solutions provider in Woodland Hills, California is proud to announce its affiliation with Mastercut Dental Tools, a premier U.S. manufacturer of precision laboratory tooling located in Safety Harbor, Florida.

As both companies address the needs of U.S. dental laboratories, the affiliation between the companies is poised to increase the value proposition and related benefits for existing customers and prospective clients.

According to Michael Shaluly, President of Mastercut Dental, dental laboratories can now find significant cost savings, productivity, and application-oriented solutions with Mastercut's line of CAD CAM, Hand Piece, Lathe and ISO Burs, as well as directly benefiting from revenue and profit generating expertise and services of Dental Lab Support.

David H. Khalili, owner of Dental Lab Support, added that laboratories now have access to greater resources, helping them find new clients, increase revenues, profits and marketing efficiencies while eliminating the tool sourcing challenges and disappointment with unreliable and lesser qualified suppliers of dental laboratory tooling.

As Mastercut Dental Tools and Dental Lab Support have earned a long standing and recognized level of expertise and experience, the combined benefits apply to all dental laboratories throughout the USA. Please see the following contact information to take advantage of the increased value proposition.

For Mastercut Dental: Visit, call 1-833-289-2877 or e-mail to

For Dental Lab Support: Visit, call 1-888-715-9099 or e-mail to

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