Top dental lab sales discovery questions to qualify the hottest prospects

In this article, we’ll explore the most important aspects of the dental lab sales discovery process and how to ask the right sales discovery questions, which can often determine whether you will win or lose a deal. Some topics we’ll cover in this article:

What are sales discovery questions?

What is the sales discovery process?

20 B2B sales discovery questions that every rep can use

10 B2C sales discovery questions every sales rep can use

The 10 best discovery questions sales reps can use when making a call

23 unique sales discovery questions

What are sales discovery questions?

The key to understanding your prospects better is by asking the right questions. A good salesperson knows that asking the right discovery sales questions can reveal a prospect’s motivations, uncover objections before they’re presented and determine if your solution is a good fit – as well as potentially building awareness of a need your prospect might not have known they had.

Without the right discovery sales questions, you risk wasting a lot of time on prospects that aren’t a good fit your solution or simply aren’t ready to make a purchase. The best discovery questions usually involve open-ended questions about obstacles, challenges and current business processes that relate to what you’re trying to sell.

It’s important not to think of the entire process of discovery as a single event. The best way to use sales discovery questions is to include them early on during the qualifying stage of your sales discovery process, before you move forward into sales presentations or demos.

What is the sales discovery process?

The sales discovery process includes a number of early steps in the sales pipeline and helps you build a connection with your prospect. It involves six key components:

Researching potential prospects

Cold calling and connecting with your prospect

Asking your prospect qualifying questions

Answering any questions your prospect may have

Solving your prospect’s challenges

Hopefully moving your prospect to the next stage of the sales funnel

Out of all the steps in the discovery sales process, the sales discovery call is the most important. This is when you’ll be asking all the important discovery sales questions to make sure that you’re not wasting your time on a prospect that isn’t a good fit.

Depending on what you sell or who you’re selling to, you could be spending a significant amount of time with your prospect, so it would be wise to use the initial sales call to gauge how likely you are to close the deal and for how much. This can be easily worked out from the get-go by asking the right questions during the discovery sales process.

20 B2B sales discovery questions that every rep can use

To build strong relationships and close more sales, you need to be asking the right questions. Open-ended sales discovery questions are a wonderful way to start a conversation and gain a deeper understanding of your prospect’s needs.

Open-ended sales discovery questions are typically questions that can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Instead, they require that the prospect provide a more in-depth answer that will provide valuable information for you to be able to close the sale.

In general, there are three levels of sales discovery questions that can help you gather the information you need to close the sale through the discovery sales process:

Get to know your prospect

Obtain more background information

Address doubts and concerns

Here are twenty open-ended sales discovery questions that every rep can ask B2B prospects to move them through the pipeline to close:

Dental Lab Sales Discovery Questions.

How are you currently managing your day-to-day processes?

What do you like about your current process?

What would you improve?

What are some of the things stopping you from obtaining your goals?

Sales discovery questions to help you obtain more background information:

What have you done to address your challenges?

What worked with your other solutions and what issues have you had?

How would addressing this challenge with a different process help you?

What does your ideal solution look like?

What would solving your challenge do for your business?

Sales discovery questions to help you address doubts and concerns:

How could a change disrupt your operations?

What are your concerns with changing?

Have you investigated other solutions? What have you found?

What would using our solution look like for your business?

Did I miss any questions or concerns?

Sales discovery questions to help you close the sale:

What are the next steps to move forward?

Are there any other decision-makers that should be involved?

Any foreseeable obstacles to doing business together?

What kind of information can I follow up with?

What can I do to help make your decision easier?

Anything else I can provide you to help finalize our partnership?

The 10 best discovery questions sales reps can use when making a call

A common mistake that inexperienced salespeople make when on a discovery sales call is to immediately dive into selling their product or service without learning more about who their prospect is, their challenges and needs. Unfortunately, rushing into the sale often results in prospects dropping off a call early on.

Besides trying to learn about who they are, their challenges and needs, the number one goal on your sales discovery call is to understand how you can solve your prospect’s biggest problem for them. This starts with asking the right questions. Here are ten of the best discovery questions sales professionals can inc