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Marketing Solutions Developed For Dental Laboratories offers marketing, consulting, sales, design & software solutions to bring in new dentists, and increase case volumes.

DentalLabSupport began as a family owned dental laboratory over 20 years ago. As we developed marketing solutions for our own dental lab, we soon realized the lack of available marketing support that was tailored to our industry. Like many lab owners we had to start from scratch. Building a marketing department with team members required a unique infrastructure and lots of staff time. Soon after, we formed DentalLabSupport, a consulting agency to help dental laboratories with tailored and proven marketing services.


Today, DLS has grown to serve dental labs and industry suppliers worldwide. Contact our sales team to find out how we can help your dental lab grow.

Everything you need to grow your dental lab from one platform & one team.

We offer you a comprehensive platform to streamline your dental lab sales, marketing, and lead generation efforts. For a fixed monthly subscription, gain access to a dedicated team of seasoned marketing professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills

Marketing Team

From copywriters to sales agents, you have an entire marketing department of the best talent in the dental lab industry working on your brand – for less than the cost of a single in-house employee.


We don’t lock you into a contract and instead strive to earn your business every month by delivering results. Cancel any time – no questions asked.

Labcell CRM

You get to track progress (and ROI) in real-time and put sales on autopilot with your own tailored Dental Lab Marketing CRM.

On-Demand Dental Lab Marketing Services™

On-Demand Dental Lab Marketing Services™ allow you to leverage the talents of highly skilled marketers, designers, developers, content writers and video experts on-demand.

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